Friday, 6 August 2010

I was entranced by the idea of a maze in Trafalgar Square.
But completely put off by the queue and the cacophony of music blaring out of speakers.
(It looks much better - and bigger - in this picture than it does when you're there.)
And I thought that if this were Paris, a maze would be chic and amusing. Instead, I was repelled by the fat tourists in shorts and the litter and most of all the noise.
So I turned my back and went into the National Gallery. Which, as ever, is very good for the soul.


Darlene said...

Makes for a gorgeous photo though doesn't it!

The National Gallery has been my first stop on all three of my trips to London. When my husband accompanied me over in 2007, I had him come along. He loved it but started to sway with exhaustion after no sleep for 24 hours. We now say we are 'National Gallery' tired when we're well and truly done in.

mary said...

Darlene, I - literally - nearly fell off Table Mountain once when I was keeling over with jetlag. Couldn't bear to waste a minute of the trip sleeping!