Wednesday, 1 September 2010

On Saturday I was blown sideways as the wind whipped up the waves and boats clinked and jangled. And so I went home and went to bed with a hot water bottle.
On Sunday I went for a walk. Rosehips and damsons and plums grow along the beach. And I thought about making rosehip syrup but knew that I'd never get round to it. Rosehip jelly on scones might be nice. I didn't get round to that either.
On Monday it was so hot that I wanted an ice-cream.
Typical August bank holiday.
And typical that it's absolutely glorious now that I'm back at work.


Lucille said...

Oh please make rosehip syrup. It's been so much on my mind of late. I even supplied a recipe.

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

My thoughts exactly on returning to work... today the sun was streaming in and I'm wishing my sunglasses hadn't broken... Hurrah for the sun though.

mary said...

Joan, I far prefer nice golden September sunshine to the blazing heat we had a few weeks ago. But I'm still wondering how August flew by so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Sod's law, eh? Your holiday sounds lovely though!