Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oh to be in England, now that April's there ...
Because last weekend
I smelled the first lilac.
Picked cowslips in the garden.
Saw my neighbour venture out in a bikini.
(And even I managed to inflict a bit of sun damage to my nose.)
I picked branches of apple blossom on the beach
And watched busy people springcleaning their beach-huts.
And I laughed when I saw two seagulls - how shall I put this delicately? - making raucous love on another neighbour's chimney.
This is a big improvement on last year when they dive-bombed us as we scurried down the street. (They're so big and scary that I used to skulk past under my umbrella.)
And just as I was thinking what a shame it was that I couldn't take the week off ...
The sky went black and the wind whipped up and suddenly the rain was lashing down.
English weather.


Mystica said...

Your description is poetic!

Darlene said...

Oh lilacs! There is a bush in the park across the road and every year I walk over with my pruning shears to snip a few branches. My wait is a little longer than yours though, Mary. Oh to be in England!

mary said...

Mystica, you have sunshine all the time, you don't need to be poetic!
Darlene, I struck lucky one year and visited Sweden - where the lilacs are truly lovely - in late May/June after ours were finished. So I had two lilac seasons in one year.

kristina said...

I got a pink nose last weekend too, but still a bit nippy for a bikini me-thinks!

K x

mary said...

That woman has a reputation to uphold, Kristina. She's the first one out every year. And nobody, but nobody, has got into the water yet!