Thursday, 22 September 2011

The last few days have been damp and dun.
When the sun came out today - which wouldn't have pleased Darlene, who wanted atmospheric gloom for her long-awaited visit to Highgate cemetery - I nipped down to Kew for an end-of-the-afternoon stroll.
The sun shone through glowing rudbeckias, golden marigolds and autumn crocus.
I paid my last visit of the year to the waterlily house
And smelled lavender in my favourite secret garden,
Admired two enormously fat peacocks
And lost count of green parrots which are multiplying faster than ever.
(I don't mind. I like lairy green parrots.)
And then I came home and made blackberry and apple crumble.
Even though the walk was supposed to work off the cake I ate with Darlene, Rachel and Simon on Sunday.


Mystica said...

I just love the image of the fat peacocks!

StuckInABook said...

I managed to meet Claire without eating any cake at all! Extraordinary.

mary said...

They were monsters, Mystica.
I blame Rachel, Simon ... she's a terribly bad example and I'm easily led astray.

Darlene said...

What happened to the rain on Wednesday!? I wanted the grey skies and raindrops that the forecaster promised but all I got was sunshine. The cemetery was both eerie and beautiful, can't wait to get back home and look at my photos.

Your crumble sounds delicious, Mary! And I really, really enjoyed meeting you last Sunday...let's do it again next time.

mary said...

It was lovely to see you, Darlene - and I'm so glad you got to see the cemetery, even if it was a sunny day! It's an amazing place.