Sunday, 25 March 2012

I haven't been off doing anything in particular. Life has been ticking away as normal. And it's so easy to lose the habit of blogging.
I've been looking at paintings but that's something I do pretty much every week.
And going to exhibitions. Nothing new there.
I read a very long book, though I'm not sure that I enjoyed it as much as an earlier one.
And I read a short one that was completely fascinating.
I made a flying visit up to Edinburgh last Sunday to see something stunning that made me so glad I'd made the trip.
And today the sun shone and I thought it was far too long since I'd ambled along by the river for coffee and cake. (Blood orange cake, very nice, too.)
So that's what I've been doing.
I'd tell you more but I don't want to miss the start of Downton-on-Sea.

(Oh dear, Downton-on-Sea was in dire need of Maggie Smith in the lifeboats.)

Thanks to the Daily Mirror for the funniest scathing review ... and the best Drownton Abbey headline.


Darlene said...

If you didn't surface soon there would have been an email from me, you've been missed! I know what you mean about blogging, in fact, sometimes it's a good thing to just push the computer away for a couple of days if possible.

Episode one of Downton-on-Sea has shown here but I fell asleep. Oh dear.

mary said...

Thanks, Darlene, nice to know I've been missed! Somehow the more days you miss, the harder it is to get started again.
Wasn't Titanic a disappointment!

Mystica said...

I didn't even know there was a Downton on sea. Thanks for the tip off.

mary said...

Don't expect too much, Mystica! If Darlene fell asleep, that's not good!

Sue said...

Glad I didn't bother with Titanic and glad you are back Mary. I missed you, you are my main source of literary and artistic news.

callmemadam said...

I so agree about the Dickens biographies.

Downton-on-Sea: oh dear. I won't be watching again. Not one interesting character!

mary said...

Callmemadam, I'm quite glad that Titanic was so bad. I've been hooked on far too much television lately. I should ration myself to Homeland, which is too brill to give up.

Gosh, Sue, what a responsibility! I shall try not to lapse again!

mary said...

PS Sue, I should have added that you're my culinary inspiration ... so it's a fair swap!

Toffeeapple said...

I should love to see the Edinburgh exhibition.

Have you see this blog?

You could have read a review of the book before reading the book...

mary said...

I know I read loads of reviews, Toffeeapple, but it was our book group choice so had to be read! I think my reservations were mostly because there didn't seem to be anything new left to say about Dickens. I think I preferred Claire Tomalin on Jane Austen and Pepys.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of going to the polar exhibition this it good?

I watched Upstairs Downstairs and had a fab time...Spargo was on top form. I'll never forgive you!!! He can drive my car any day! :)

My sister said Titanic was rubbish and she fell asleep as well - so I won't be bothering. It clashes with Homeland anyway and I love that show. Such a trial to have so much on in the same time slot on a Sunday!

mary said...

Homeland is definitely tops, Rachel.
I did enjoy the Polar exhibition - I only really went because my sister wanted to go - but there seemed to be a lot to read and not all that many objects. I far preferred the Antarctic photographs at the Queen's Gallery, or have you already been to that?

mary said...

PS There's another Titanic series starting soon - about the shipbuilders ... might be better. Can hardly be worse!