Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stony Track, Angie Lewin
For some light relief yesterday, as I was just around the corner, I popped in to the tiny St Jude's exhibition of work by Mark Hearld, Angie Lewin and Emily Sutton, all madly covetable ... and this is the one I'd have chosen if I could have afforded a £500 treat.
Of course, it would hang oddly if I could also afford a print from the Photographers' Gallery.
I'm going to have to address these problems when I win the lottery.
Or buy a house big enough for a floral parlour and an apocalyptic drawing room.


Sue said...

Madly madly covetable.

penandpencilgirls said...

I'm drooling over the Emily Sutton High Street ones, but love that one as well.

kristina said...

I've been coveting this print ever since she released it! So gorgeous. And I just now realized St Jude's in the City is closing this weekend. It seems the exhibitions were longer when they were at the Bankside Gallery. I better get a move on!

K x

mary said...

There were middleaged ladies cooing over it, Sue.

mary said...

Also lovely, and they remind me of Ravilious' High Street.

mary said...

It looked wonderful framed, Kristina. They're closing a day early - so hurry! It is a bit cramped there. Bankside is a much better space.