Monday, 17 September 2012

I have no idea why, but this post from a couple of years ago - about what lurks in the depths of my handbag - is actually the second most popular post that I have written since I began blogging. (You can't argue with stats!)
I thought of it on Friday, as I reshuffled my papers for a meeting at work.
A strategically-placed notebook hid a large rabbit pie
And half-a-pound of haslet.
(I haven't changed.)
The pie got slightly bashed on the way home
But it was absolutely delicious.
And I did ask the butcher to wrap it really, really well.
This is not recommended if your handbag has featured in Vogue.
But I suspect that ladies who lunch do not do rabbit pie. And definitely not haslet.


Sue said...

I have recently rediscovered haslet and found it to be my children's favourite sandwich filling and cheaper then the previously favoured dry-cured ham. I don't keep it in my handbag though.

mary said...

Couldn't resist that butcher's, Sue.

Toffeeapple said...

I have never eaten haslet but I would kill for a rabbit pie - your butcher makes them!

mary said...

Not my butcher, alas, Toffeeapple. If only he did. This was a wonderful, old-fashioned butcher in Lincoln and his irresistible pies caught my eye in the window as I walked past. I'd kill for another one. And it was only £4! I can't remember when I had last had rabbit pie, years ago.

Mystica said...

I had to find out what haslet was. It sounded so intriguing.

mary said...

Very tasty, Mystica, and very old-fashioned.