Friday, 3 May 2013

I always wish that there could be a long interval and that I could sit through it all again to catch any nuances I missed the first time. If only.
I must have booked the last seat in the house last night when I realised that Melissa Hamilton was dancing Mary Vetsera this afternoon. (And wasn't I lucky, because it was just where I like to sit.)
There's no doubting that Mayerling is a sordid story of decadence and in-breeding, a degenerate, syphilitic prince and a foolish, obsessive young girl ... and as for inappropriate relationships, just see Rudolf's pas-de-deux with his mother. (I loved all those Worth gowns hanging in the Empress's bedroom.)
Elisabeth of Austria wearing Charles Frederick Worth (Painting by Winterhalter)
I've seen Melissa Hamilton dance before but never in a role that displayed her marvellous fluidity so well. And to think that she didn't start dancing seriously until she was 16.
I do wish there was a way of rebooting one's memory to drag up every last detail of performances one has seen in the past. I love the way the Royal Opera House records the numbers of previous performances on the cast list. Today was the 124th performance of Mayerling. From my hoard of old programmes, going back years, I discover that the last one I saw was 95th. (Which doesn't sound so very long ago, but was actually back in 2004.)
I've just been toying with the idea of booking to see Alina Cojocaru again while it's all fresh in mind ...
Except that the performance I'd really like to see is Ed Watson's.
A State Ball in Vienna , Wilhelm Gause 

On a less highbrow note - as I always enjoy ROH intervals (a stroll on the rooftop in the sunshine, the costume displays and, this afternoon, a mini-exhibition about Nadia Nerina) ...
Is rhubarb this summer's new cocktail?
I stuck to rhubarb lemonade this afternoon for reasons of economy/dangers of sleepiness.
But I took some tips from the barman and might try it at home with gin or prosecco.


Vintage Reading said...

Oh I love Mayerling. Your review brings back memories. I saw Irek Mukhamadev and Viviana Durante in a production at the ROH quite a few years ago and they were fabulous. I think Macmillan was a great choreographer.

mary said...

That must have been amazing, indeed, Nicola. The dancer I saw was taught by Mukhamadev's wife.
MacMillan is my favourite. So love his Romeo and Juliet.