Thursday, 6 June 2013

I see that tomorrow the Queen is visiting the BBC's snazzy new extension to Broadcasting House.

I was there a few weeks ago, having found a quiet corner for a meeting-

When a mouse scuttled across the floor.

I squealed. But I daresay Her Majesty has a stiffer upper lip.

I am sure she never kicks the royal handbag under her chair.

But I hoicked mine onto the table. In case the mouse hitched a ride home with me.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Mary, you are truly something else!
God bless Dear! Don't stop blogging please, you'd be missed!

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, a poor little mouse would be far more scared of you than you of it.

mary said...

Thank you, Noelle - what a kind comment!

No it wouldn't, Toffeeapple!

Alex said...

It's not that long ago that a mouse in the Salford studios very nearly brought a radio five live broadcast to a swift and undignified close. Perhaps the BBC should spend some of our licence money on a couple of cats.

mary said...

Must admit, I was shocked given that it's such a new building, Alex! Did make me feel guilty to be sitting there eating biscuits and dropping crumbs!