Monday, 28 April 2014

It wasn't planned, but it was a weekend of bluebells, books and baking.
On a damp spring afternoon, in ancient English woodland carpeted with bluebells ... you wouldn't know you were in London except for the rumble of trains and planes overhead.
Apparently 4.5% of London is woodland and 1.7% is ancient woodland, all we have left of the wildwood.
No matter how many years you've lived here, London always throws up surprises ... and I can't tell you how surprised I was yesterday to discover a real, old-fashioned bluebell wood, hazy with English bluebells, only a 10 minute bus ride from home, hidden behind a street of boring suburban semis. Yesterday was an open day but for £20 a year you can borrow a key to get in whenever you like.
There were bachelor's buttons, wild garlic, campion, yellow archangel, forget-me-nots and I expect lots more but I'm not very good on plant names.
It was a lovely spur of the moment outing that reminded me of filling jamjars full of wilting bluebells when I was a child ... #middleaged crimes.


Magic Bean said...

I used to be a member of the Selbourne Society when I was a child and I loved going to Perivale Woods. This has brought back memories from thirty years ago, memories which I didn't realise I had! Next time I go home to visit my ma I think we should investigate... thank you Ax

mary said...

I'd never have guessed it was there, Magic Bean. The bluebells were gorgeous yesterday and it must be lovely for members when nobody's there.

Sue said...

It is an absolute delight to live near a bluebell wood isn't it? I have been so taken with them this year that I have indulged in a bottle of Penhaligon's Bluebell perfume.

mary said...

I was thinking about that yesterday, Sue. My bottle is finished. Very rare for me to use perfume right to the last drop, I usually get bored with it - but I love Bluebell, it's so light and summery.