Thursday, 30 June 2016

Wandering through the City this afternoon, I went into a church that I'd never visited before ...
and thought, Wow!

And then I continued my walk, and went into another, and another ...

And wondered why, when I worked in the City many years ago, I was so much more familiar with its pubs than its churches.


There was some wonderfully kitsch glass, that reminded me of John Hinde postcards. And in the same church, St Sepulchre's, a wind orchestra was playing the music that always reminds me of 1960s teatimes and Desmond Morris and Zoo Time.

And then I walked a bit further and admired these snazzy stockings but you really must have gold shoes with pompoms to go with them.

One short walk. Eight churches, mostly Wren. One Henry Moore altar. Lots of history.

Best city in the world.


Cosy Books said...

I am always asked why I visit London so often. It's because there's no better city in the world for everything I enjoy, and then some. And it's lovely that you appreciate it all, Mary, because there are some who can't see the wonder right in front of them. Which church is the first image from?

mary said...

That's St Stephen Walbrook. Maybe we should go to a lunchtime concert next time you're here?