Monday, 22 August 2016

For a lie-abed like me, there's something almost virtuous about getting up and out on a Sunday morning to go to the cinema. Yesterday I saw Captain Fantastic - which was quirky, funny, sad and as good as was promised here.  (Though the ending is a bit too glib to be believable.)
It works because there's an edge of danger. Ben is a radical hippy, raising six children in a Swiss Family Robinson fantasy of home schooling/anti-capitalist self-sufficiency/weapons training. When their mother dies, the family sets off on a road trip to gatecrash her conventional funeral.
You're never quite sure quite how crazy the father really is ...

When I resurfaced into daylight, it wasn't even lunchtime and I grabbed a sandwich, a free Waitrose coffee (the soapiest coffee in the world, yeeuuggh) and the Sunday papers and strolled along the river until it was time to go home and make dinner.


Toffeeapple said...

My son-in-law's nick name is Captain Fantastic. Can't say that I would watch the film though. Quite decadent - going to the pictures on a Sunday morning.

Cosy Books said...

I'm just the opposite, Mary...staying awake until 11 pm makes me feel virtuous. It's a huge challenge for someone who's up at the crack of dawn more often than not.
A lovely way to spend the first half of a glorious day but buy a cup of tea next time!

mary said...

I think you should make it a family outing, Toffeeapple!

I'm such a cheapskate, Darlene - they do free tea but it has a scummy quality all its own, sampled once but never again.