Thursday, 1 September 2016

At 5pm, I couldn't decide if I really wanted to see a movie about two brothers robbing banks.

At 5.30pm, I thought, well, I'd better get a move on - but I didn't get a move on.

At 5.45pm, I ran a comb through my hair and ran out the door. At 6.25pm I emerged into the lights of Piccadilly Circus, and felt glad that I'd shaken off the can't be bothered lethargy of the suburbs.

I made it in the nick of time. And guess what? Hell or High Water turned out be one of the best films that I've seen in ages. Brilliantly scripted and far better than Anthropoid which I saw at the weekend.


LuLu Anna said...

Thanks for that review, Mary. I will look out for it as we are always searching for films to watch with our boys and it sounds like 'Hell or Highwater' might fit the bill-and be a good deal better than the latest Bourne film which I (reluctantly) sat through a couple of weeks ago.

mary said...

Just a warning, it has its violent moments - I was hiding my face at one nasty shooting. If they're teenagers, they might like Captain Fantastic which is gentler.

Vintage Reading said...

Nothing like an unexpectedly good film. Will look out for this - nothing much ever comes to my local cinema.

mary said...

Hope you manage to see it, Nicola.