Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 Typography 7 by GDJ

Mrs Miniver's opinion has not been canvassed by any of the Sunday papers for her cultural highlights of 2016 and, as ever, when she pores over their books of the year, she's hardly read any of them ...

But I do enjoy a list so here's mine, and we'll start with film as that's easy - so here we go.

No dithering because far and away the best film I saw this year was Mustang. If you haven't seen it, I promise that you'd love it.

Runners-up because I couldn't choose between them were Rosalie Blum - which was on very limited release, sorry, but you can catch it again in London at the end of January - and I, Daniel Blake which I'm pleased to see is winning lots of awards.

Honourable mentions for Captain Fantastic and although it was way back at the beginning of the year, I remember being very gripped by Spotlight.

Not such a vintage year for exhibitions, though - and I've not been to all that many. I don't know why; 50% procrastination and 50% doing other stuff, I guess. (I need IV-Yorkshire Brew before I get going in the morning but I was like that when I was 20.)

But for sheer pleasure, it was easy to choose - Dulwich Picture Gallery for this delightful exhibition of Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup. And no, I'd never heard of him either.

I think books will have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

when she pores over their books of the year, she's hardly read any of them

Ha ha! That's always true for me, too, even though I read some pretty good ones.

Sunday Taylor said...

I loved the film "Mustang" and I'm so glad you mentioned it. My husband and I were compiling our list of best films and we completely forgot about that one! Looking forward to your favorite books.

Mary said...

I always wonder if those lists are wholly honest, Callmemadam - and, anyway, I'd be more interested in iists of old/neglected books rediscovered than the latest publications piled high in Waterstones.

Mustang, was so lovely, Sunday. I kept telling friends to go, knowing they'd love it - but you know what people are like, when you say Turkish film/subtitles and their eyes glaze over!
I'd love to see your film list.

Veronica Cooke said...

Who needs the Guardian review on a Saturday when I've got you, Mary?

I'm going to watch 'I, Daniel Blake' over Christmas and will look out for the others you mention.

I haven't managed either theatre or even one exhibition this year and must do better in 2017.

Looking forward to your books of 2016...

Mary said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy Daniel Blake, Veronica - maybe enjoy is the wrong word, as you come out feeling so angry! I've just been reading excellent reviews for Love at the NT which seems to be along the same lines.

I've got better about booking theatre tickets recently, having rather got out of the habit. I was thrilled yesterday to get ticket for Mary Stuart ... I tried months ago and they were sold out but they've just released a few more and for once I got there in time! Looking forward to it immensely. £10 to see Juliet Stevenson/Lia Williams!