Sunday, 11 February 2018

If you've been watching the BBC series A Stitch in Time, you might like to know that the costumes made for the series are all on display at Ham House. I had a quick browse this morning and was suitably impressed by all the teeny-tiny buttons on Charles II's coat, inspired by this portrait (of which there is a version at Ham.) More than 100 little buttons so Charles's espousal of the sober-coloured man's suit wasn't as thrifty and democratic as it sounds; that's a lot of tailoring and a lot of time spent doing them up.

I meant to walk the long way round and find a bit of plum blossom to take home but it was such a muddy day I chickened out and caught the bus.  But there were signs of spring in the garden,  snowdrops and primroses and a few daffodils. 


Gina said...

I would love to see these costumes, it was a fun little series combining fashion, art and history.

Lucille said...

I've really enjoyed the series and hope Amber Butchart gets another one. It is a decent replacement for those programmes that bit the dust, the sewing and pottery ones I mean.

mary said...

I only watched one episode to see Charles II's suit, Gina. Did either of you see that wonderful exhibition of paintings/costumes at the Queen's Gallery a few years ago. It was very good on how things were made and how they did up.