Saturday, 20 October 2018

I'm not very good at London Film Festival; 225 films in 12 days befuddles me with too much choice and so I've only actually been to one. Luckily, that one turned out to be the very enjoyable Can You Ever Forgive Me? which is rather like a grouchier version of 84 Charing Cross Road, set in Manhattan. Honestly, it deserves an Oscar for Best Bookshop Locations. It's the true story of Lee Israel, a journalist/biographer fallen on hard times (and the whole cinema let out a gasp at her squalid housekeeping!) who discovers a talent for forging letters from literary celebrities like Dorothy Parker and Noel Coward. Melissa McCarthy is wonderful as the irascible grump Lee Israel and it's hard to imagine that the role was originally meant to go to the far too glamorous Julianne Moore. McCarthy appeared tonight in person with co-star Richard E Grant but sadly that was just ten minutes of luvvie-ish backslapping and neither of them said anything interesting. There's still tickets available over the weekend - and it's much more fun than A Star is Born. There's reviews here and here and the trailer is here.


Veronica Cooke said...

I thought that was Pauline Quirke when I first saw the photo!

It sounds very interesting so I'll make a note of it, thank you, Mary. You're my very own literary/film critic!

Mary said...

Not out for a while, Veronica - Feb I think?