Thursday, 7 February 2019

I enjoyed my (very chilly) after-hours ghost tour here this week, even though not a single one of the 15 resident ghosts chose to appear; not so much as a whiff of ghostly tobacco smoke on the haunted staircase - you're warned to be careful on the third step!
At least now I can boast that I've seen one of the treasures of the house - the pathetic little skeleton of the King Charles spaniel that haunts the house.  The bones were discovered by gardeners after a storm uncovered a burial urn under a tree - so it must be true that they belong to the ghost dog?
I'd love to see him!
But I did see the first solitary primrose in the garden - and lots of snowdrops.


Veronica Cooke said...

Shame about the non appearances...

I saw crocuses today on my walk along the river and lots and lots of green shoots!

Mary said...

Don't think I've seen a crocus yet, Veronica - I need to get out and about earlier in the day. My walk to the Tube is plant-free, sadly.
I haven't been along the river here for a while as it must be very muddy.