Saturday, 5 June 2010

In London today it was so hot and humid that it was like breathing in soup. I'd have taken the train to the coast but thunderstorms are forecast.
So instead I took an away-day into town and went to this exhibition of Norman Parkinson's fashion photography. In one of those smart little galleries where you ring on the doorbell and a smart-looking young man lets you in.
'Would you like a price-list?' he asked, politely. Well ... do I look like someone who's going to spend up to £16,000 on a print?
I suppose you never know.
I liked this shot outside the City Palace at Jaipur but I did think that the model must have been roasting in pink mohair by Jaeger.
It was described as 'a dazzling cacophony of reds, pinks and magentas' ... see that shocking-pink elephant ... and it inspired Diana Vreeland to say, 'How clever of you, Mr Parkinson, to know that pink is the navy-blue of India.'
On my way around town I spotted 18 elephants for sale ... I look out for these elephants wherever I go but that's a personal record for one day. Children were climbing on their backs. A beautiful Japanese bride was posing for wedding photos beside one. Aren't elephants supposed to be lucky? I'll miss them when they're gone. They add to the gaiety of London.
And so did the bright red Ferrari that was parked outside the Ritz.


Cornflower said...

That's such a striking picture. What style!

mary said...

Wish I could have bought one, Karen. There were some stunning b/w shots, too. What I wouldn't give to look soignée ... just once!