Friday, 18 June 2010

In Soho this afternoon and I drop into Miller Harris for a free spritz.
Sigh ... should it be Terre d'Iris? Patchouli, tree moss, French fir balsam and Florentine orris.
Or Geranium Bourbon, cassis, lemon geranium and Turkish rose, the scent of an English garden after rain?
Earthy Fleurs de Sel, the scent of salt marshes? Or Fleurs de Bois which smells like Regent's Park?
There is also Eau de Vert which is slicked-back hair in the South of France. Honestly. Think Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.
I squirt myself liberally with Geranium Bourbon which the assistant seems to think is very 'moi.' And I'm sitting here now with all the tester wands ...
I still like Geranium Bourbon. But Fleurs de Sel is like sitting by the embers of a peat fire on a clifftop, breathing in the Atlantic. It is the cleanest scent you can imagine.
On a prosaic note, trust me to pick out the one that's most expensive.

There were two golden elephants in Golden Square which made my day. I'll really miss them when they're gone.


Lucille said...

I passed a couple of elephants on the Embankment yesterday near Westminster. Hoarding perfume wands in my bag is a secret and harmless vice of mine! (Therefore not strictly a vice I suppose, just an eccentricity).

mary said...

I didn't realise until I got home that there were 60-odd elephants in Leicester Square, Lucille - and I'd ambled off in the opposite direction and missed them. Aren't they fun? I've been spotting them everywhere.

Cornflower said...

I want to go to Miller Harris!

mary said...

Karen, I want somebody to take me to Miller Harris and buy me a present!
I believe there's another branch with a teashop, though I haven't been to that one. At heart, I'm afraid I'm more Yorkshire blend than Darjeeling with violets!

Darlene said...

I made note of Fleurs de Sel as clean scents are my favourite. There is a fence covered with beautiful light pink roses that I pass each night walking my dog. I laughed the other night when he automatically stopped at them...he knew I would be stopping for my nightly inhale!

mary said...

I'm bad at choosing, Darlene - I've so many bottles that smelled great in the shop but were overwhelming when I got them home.