Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Like hearing the first cuckoo of spring,
Today I heard someone say,
For the first time this year,
'On a day like this
It's just like the Riviera.'
There was blue sky
And bright blue sea,
And leaves unfurling,
Jackets left open
And gloves left at home ...
And they were right.


ramblingfancy said...

Someone said in my hearing yesterday that "it's just like Corfu" - not sadly this morning though!

Sue said...

No, not this morning, this morning it is just like Britain in February.

mary said...

No, you're right, it didn't last!

Darlene said...

Oh rub it in! I'm still wearing my longjohns pulled up to my armpits!

StuckInABook said...

That's beautiful. And it does feel like that here today.