Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Golden Pheasant crossed my path this afternoon. I had never seen one so close.
I wondered if it was lucky.
And it must have been.
Because five minutes later I saw two green parrots sitting in a pink blossom tree.
So, all in all, it was a very colourful afternoon.
And there were also daffodils, carpets of crocuses, drifts of tiny blue irises and snowdrops, camellias - just opened and perfect; in a week or so they'll be looking like stained, tattered ballgowns. There were even pink rhododendrons in the rhododendron dell.
Rhododendrons and snowdrops?
Is it global warming?


Mystica said...

What a gorgeous description and I am visualising the color combination. I saw a picture of snowdrops and crocus on another blog and was captivated. We do not have either in Sri Lanka. Could you post a picture of rhododendrons?

mary said...

It's lovely seeing some colour after winter, Mystica. Though you can't complain of being colour-starved in Sri Lanka! (I spent Christmas there one year, it was wonderful!)
I'll go and look for some rhododendrons for you. My brother is on holiday in Nepal at the moment, hoping to see lots of them.