Thursday, 21 July 2011

I've never been pursued through a library before.
But when the other woman caught up with me, she said that my armful of grey books had caught her eye. (There were rich pickings this afternoon in a library that I don't visit all that often.)
So we had a pleasant chat about Persephones.
And she said she hadn't read any of the titles that I'd chosen but had lots more at home.
(Luckily, she said she didn't feel in the mood for the ones that I'd chosen.
Because I was being a bit greedy.)
So I recommended The Fortnight in September. Which was still on the shelf.
And tonight I turned on my central heating and buried myself in The Home-Maker.
Dinner was slightly over-cooked because I lost track of the time.
And now it's midnight. And I still haven't done the dishes.


Sue said...

I'm pleased to say I have read all three of those Persephones. Lots more to try though.

kristina said...

All good ones! You must not have been at Hampton Wick. The first and last time I found a Persephone it was on the 10p sale table as it had never been checked out.

K x

mary said...

It was Kensington, Kristina, where there's lots - but usually they're out on loan. But I got a very good haul yesterday of four that I haven't read.
Trouble is, it's a trek to return them.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Dutch libraries don't have Persephones ... well , not in the provinces , anyway . So I have to buy mine ... but then I get to keep them .
(I read your last paragraph rather too quickly and thought you'd been reading "How To Burn Your Home Without Help " and was wondering what the end papers were like.)

mary said...

I love Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary's endpapers, Sonata; they go so well with the illustrations. But so far I'm not loving the story. So I'm pleased it's only from the library.

mary said...

I take that back. It was slow getting started - and I thought it would be too saccharine for me - but after 100 pages or so, I started loving it. Even though I guessed the twist to the story.

galant said...

I love How To Run Your Home Without Help, just as most of us have to do today! And A Fortnight in September is a treat, too, although I have the original version (and love the cover!)

mary said...

A Fortnight in September is one of my favourites, Margaret.

Eggs on the Roof said...

I've always loved Family Roundabout by Richmal Crompton - it's not a perfect novel by any means, but she craved success as a writer for adults so I feel honour-bound to show her some solidarity..

mary said...

That's another favourite, Charlie. I love the characters. Actually, i think you got me started on Persephones many years ago - something you wrote about The Hopkins Manuscript? I know I couldn't wait and ordered a very musty-smelling, old copy from America!