Thursday, 14 July 2011

Much as I'd love to make a Grand Tour of every exhibition that catches my eye, somehow it never seems to happen.
So having missed the Robin and Lucienne Day exhibition at Pallant House - I've never been to Pallant House and one day I really must - imagine how pleased I was to discover that now it's on here.
(And it's free to get in.)
Unfortunately, there isn't a shop.
Because I'd love to have a Lucienne Day tea-towel, far too good to wipe dishes with, of course.
I wonder what they cost originally.
And how much they'd fetch now.
Anybody else think that Orla Kiely owes a big debt to Lucienne's designs?


kristina said...

Oh thank you so much for the heads up. I was so sad to have missed it at Pallant House too. Like you I've never been but definitely mean to go one of these days...

G and I saw a fab exhibition of her work at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC, last summer (Art by the Yard) and there was a gift shop with tea towels!

K x

mary said...

It hasn't been very well publicised, has it, Kristina. I was wondering if you knew it was on.
Actually, what I really want is curtains!