Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I have just walked into town where the mood is subdued.
It was the small family-owned businesses and cafés that bore the brunt of the violence.
But the girl who runs the baby clothes shop was painting a big red Thank You to everybody who helped on her boarded-up windows.
There's pink balloons on a boarded-up children's charity shop and a sign offering face-painting sessions inside.
The streets have been swept and there's tables outside coffee shops and restaurants.
And it's business as usual for almost everybody, except the corner shop supermarket which was completely gutted.
I felt so sorry for the lovely Italian boys who run the little café where they're so friendly to children. And for everybody on a parade of high street shops where businesses were already struggling.


Sue said...

The baby shop girl isn't the lady with the long blonde hair who was on telly is she?

Looks like everyone has kept calm and carried on.

mary said...

There was another TV crew outside the shop as I passed, Sue!

Darlene said...

London here I come! My first trip to London was a month after the terrorist attacks in July '05, I refused to be put off.

I'll be sure to do my bit by stopping in as many coffee shops as I can, Mary.

mary said...

That's the spirit, Darlene! Having boycotted Starbucks ever since they opened, I almost went in for a coffee today to show support!