Thursday, 19 July 2012

I knew it would be a good day when the bus arrived as soon as I got to the bus-stop.
And a young man jumped up to offer me his seat on the Tube.
(This never, ever happens at 9.30am and I was flabbergasted. And delighted.)
And I finished my job in Hampstead at lunchtime, just as the sun came out.
So I bought a strawberry gelato here.
And a floaty velvet jacket the colour of champagne and roses from the shop where Kate Moss goes.
(Fancy me shopping where Kate Moss goes. It was one-size-fits-all before you ask.)
Then the nice lady in the shop said she knocks off 25% if customers are friendly.
(And I must have been friendly.)
So I bought a necklace as well.
Then I had tea and lavender shortbread sitting in a rose and jasmine-scented garden.
Went for a stroll and discovered the cottage that I shall buy when I win the lottery.
(Which will probably be on Saturday, seeing as everything's going so well.)
I found three Persephone books on a secondhand bookstall. (No. That would have been greedy. I resisted. I only mention it because that's how good a day it was.)
And the only thing that went wrong all day was getting on the wrong branch of the Northern line. But that doesn't matter, because I always do that.
And when I nodded off on the train, I woke up just in time. And jumped off in a flurry. But I didn't leave the bag with the floaty velvet jacket behind me. So that's all right.
So that is why I have been in a sunshine-y mood all day.
Or was it just because the sun came out?


Lucille said...

It was a lovely day here too. I followed in your footsteps and enjoyed the RA exhibition and now I'm wondering if Zana is the place to go to complete my wedding outfit.. .You are a trove of brilliant ideas.

Sue said...

You make me want to come and live in London even though I hate the tube.

Magic Bean said...

The gods were looking favourably on you.
The planets were aligned.
The sun shone and the strawb gelato was eaten.
Happy days.

mary said...

That's it, Magic Bean. The planets were aligned!

Lucile, that would be brilliant for a wedding outfit - and if you don't see what you want, she'll make you something. I couldn't get over the price, my jacket was £30 ... if only I had a Chanel gown to go with it, like Kate Moss. And think how fashionable we'll be when the Gatsby movie comes out!

Sue, I love London - which you've probably guessed. But maybe you could use the bus!

Toffeeapple said...

I hope that the loveliness continues for you. What a glorious day you had.

Anonymous said...

Truly a lovely day. I wouldn't have passed up the three Persephone titles, however.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Spoken like Mrs.Miniver (or Mrs. Miniver's daughter)!
Loved this post Mary! Sound like a lovely day, one I would enjoy myself!

mary said...

Toffeeapple and Noelle, wasn't it lucky that I seized the day ... as it's been raining again through most of today.
Anonymous, that's not as self-denying as it sounds. They weren't titles I really wanted! And there's two Amazon packages in the post which is quite enough for one week.

Darlene said...

A five star day, Mary! I love the way the door on your dream cottage almost beckons you to knock.

My first trip to Hampstead was on a Sunday and the church bells were ringing and ringing. I must go back on a Sunday again, it was beautiful! The church in our neighbourhood plays a recording of bells pealing *snort*.

mary said...

Darlene, that row of cottages was so you - rose-covered apple trees, what more could you want.