Friday, 22 February 2013

I started off very well on this Lego puzzle ... and then came a cropper.  No 4 made me laugh and No 5 went right over my head and I still don't understand it. (Does anybody else ever long for a computer with no built-in distractions? I used to get along so muchfaster on my old Amstrad -  no blogs, no bookchat, no iPlayer, no YouTube. Now ... I really must crack on and do some work. Sorry for   interrupting you.)


Sue said...

Thanks Mary. I got number 5 straight away despite never having seen the film. I just happened to know it had characters called Mr Brown, Mr Pink, Mr Blue etc. Didn't get number 4 but, yes, very funny now I know the answer.

mary said...

Now I get it, Sue ... thanks for the explanation. I've never seen the film either.