Saturday, 16 February 2013

 Iris Seedlings, Cedric Morris
There's a few nice paintings - very badly hung - at the Garden Museum's new exhibition about the floristry trade but it's one of those exhibitions that's very heavy on text and I never see much point in standing around reading what I could read sitting down at home. And I refuse to join in the latest irritating trend for scanning museum labels with your phone.
But it was good to see this painting by Cedric Morris, as I hadn't seen it for ages, which has crossed the river on loan from the Tate.


Mac n' Janet said...

Gorgeous, if I want to read I can go to the library. I go to an art exhibit to see and feel.

Hazel Cottage said...

Agree entirely! I want to know who it is by, what its called, the date, and possibly a note of interest. I don't want an essay. A wonderful teacher once told me to always go to the painting and properly look at it first, then have a look at the label. The label is less important than the picture and you make your own mind up about a picture first, before you discover who did it, or why.

Lucille said...

I am horribly compelled to read the captions first but never look up feeling any better informed.

mary said...

That's me, too, Lucille - I'm a compulsive reader and can't drag myself away from words.

Hello, Hazel Cottage. It's lovely to hear from somebody new.

Janet, in fairness, this isn't really an art exhibition.