Friday, 26 May 2017

You don't expect an audience of millennials for a Terence Rattigan play ... but last night the average age was about 87! Fine by me, actually ... it makes a pleasant change to be the youngest.
Set in the final months of the war, the play was last seen in London at its West End premiere in 1944 - when it originally starred the famous American theatrical couple, the Lunts, who had been bombed out of another West End run by a V-I rocket.
It's about a glamorous middle-class widow who's revelling in her new high society life - as the established mistress of a Canadian millionaire - until her lumpish teenage son returns from being evacuated.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, though the lumpish teenage son was a bit over-played for my seat in the front few rows of the stalls. I was so close to the action that I kept getting wafts of Eve Best's scent and wondered what she wearing. Reviews here and here.


Cosy Books said...

Wonderful, Mary! We're often responsible for lowering the average age of a group of theatre goers too. Sorry I'm going to miss this one, and by only a couple of days.

Mary said...

I know, when the first Pathe news reel flashed up - I thought Darlene should be here! Never mind. Given the choice between Rattigan and your Duchess, I'd go for the Duchess!