Friday, 2 June 2017

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We ate our picnic, went round the house, sniffed the wild roses, wondered if we could be bothered making homemade elderflower cordial, went for a walk, spotted lots of wild orchids ...

When we got back to the car, those who refused to be parted from their i-Pads politely inquired if we had a nice time. Yes, thank you. We did.

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Lucille said...

Yes the elder flowers are so abundant that I have been wondering the same thing but then cannot be bothered to go through the same rigmarole as last time trying to acquire enough citric acid from suspicious chemists.

Mary said...

I'm sure I've made it without citric acid before but I always use it up quite quickly. Is citric acid to improve keeping?
I made an elderflower cheesecake last weekend but that only takes half a dozen heads, so not much picking.