Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Can it really be six years? Long enough for me to have completely wiped from my mind the banality of The Bletchley Circle - if only I'd reminded myself.
And so - feeling too hot to read, too hot to do anything - I found myself watching Bletchley Goes to San Francisco ... yes, that's right, San Francisco - a spin-off that aspires to mediocrity and misses.
The sad thing is that this was such a good idea - a drama about what happened to the clever Bletchley women after the war - and ITV couldn't have made a sorrier job of it.


Cosy Books said...

With so many letters of protest on their desks, not to mention pots of jam delivered in protest, ITV should have made another series of Home Fires.

Mary said...

Yes, Home Fires was better. I can just imagine you pelting them with scones in protest, Darlene! (Lick the cream off first!)