Friday, 6 July 2018

I'm rather tickled by the idea of Suffragettes marching on banana fritters ...

Which sound rather heavy-going for this weather - but it has just struck me that I've been tackling the heatwave in Suffragette colours since a kind gardener gave me a nice bunch of anise hyssop yesterday.  It makes a lovely, refreshing emerald-green tea. I haven't had a mug of Yorkshire Brew all day - unheard of for me - and I'll be begging for some more. The linden blossom is out all over London so I must grab some of that, too.
Meanwhile, there's a bowl of nasturtium seeds in the fridge - rescued from a wheelbarrow as gardeners wage war against black-fly. They have had a jolly good wash and they're going into a loaf of nasturtium bread. (They taste like capers.) Coming soon, lavender honey.

I was very pleased with my nasturtium loaf today - I made nasturtium butter to go with it, so you could say it was nose-to-tail: flowers, leaves and seeds. If you have nasturtiums in the garden, the recipe is in this lovely book. Or find it here. I should have served it on my pretty nasturtium plates but it disappeared in a flash.


Jacqui Fenner-Dixon said...

I adore nastutriums and have had a wonderful early display this year. In fact, so early they've missed being devoured by the cabbage whites. Years ago I used to pickle the seeds and might even get to do that this year, with a bit of luck. Trying to keep off bread at the moment, but have made a note of the recipe, sounds good.

Mary said...

I did think about pickling the seeds but I didn't really have enough left to make it worthwhile. I was pleased with the bread, though, especially as I'm not really a bread maker,.