Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Oh dear, I've well and truly had my wings clipped and have even resorted to clearing the kitchen cupboard of doom. (Haul: one jar of pesto (rare, possibly valuable), one can of figs (bought who knows when for the pretty tin, will probably still be there when COVID-119 strikes), and hurrah a Christmas pudding acquired within living memory. Sadly, no caster sugar. Or chocolate.)
Meanwhile, this long neglected blog is turning into a TV Times spin-off and thank heavens for another costume drama in the nick of time. I haven't read The Luminaries, set in the New Zealand gold rush - but on the strength of the first episode, it'll hit the spot.

And for anyone who didn't buy their Hilary Mantel before the shops closed, here's the wonderful voice of Anton Lesser. I'm not listening until I've finished the book.


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

What TV channel/package are The Luminaries on Mrs. TV Times? Please?

I 'm up to page 500 in the Hilary Mantel book and I, too, won't listen to the serialisation until I've read the book! It must be 2 weeks worth of episodes surely?

What a shame about the chocolate...

Stay safe and well, Mary.

Mary said...

BBC2 Vronni, but I don't have a start date - won't be long.
9 episodes of HM but that must have been an almighty effort to abridge it! I'm sorely tempted but don't want to spoil the book and I'm finding it hard to settle into a long read.

Christine_A said...

Interesting how many people are saying they’re finding it hard to settle (I’m one of them)

Mary said...

I've been much better since Monday, Christine, properly back to work and too busy to fret. But when I'm not working, I'm afraid it has been mindless pursuits. Funnily enough, not spring cleaning which was my No 1 good intention!