Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Geffrye Museum is one of London's prettiest museums. (Even if they're undergoing building work at the moment.)
I dawdled through Georgian drawing rooms and Victorian parlours. And ended up whizzing through the exhibition that I'd come

especially to see,
because it was almost 5pm closing time.
It made me long to have a balcony brimming over with fuchsias, geraniums and ferns. (Even if William Morris was very sniffy about geraniums. I suspect that William Morris was a bit of a snob.)
I listened to a recording of Mrs Dalloway buying flowers for her party. And it made me want to buy flowers to take home.


Cornflower said...

If I ever manage more than a flying visit to London I must go there.

mary said...

I'm ashamed to say it must be years since I was last there, Karen.

Hannah Stoneham said...

This looks wonderful. I lived in London for nearly 7 years and have never heard of it - but I will be back there soon enough and will seek it out!


mary said...

It's 10 minutes on a bus from Liverpool St, Hannah. And it's free to get in!

Lucille said...

I am so delighted to make the acquaintance of your lovely blog. I am a great Mrs Miniver fan and have spent many happy hours Minivering. We might have bumped into each other at the Købke exhibition! I haven't been to the Geffrye Museum for a while so will check out the dates for that exhibition.

mary said...

Hello, Lucille and thank you for visiting. The Købke exhibition was lovely, wasn't it? You've plenty of time, I think this one's on until July.