Thursday, 15 April 2010

The hedgehog is a delicacy which few people have tasted. Perhaps because the uninitiated first think of the prickles and how to get rid of them.

Well, I can understand that. Can't you?

Of course, there's always squirrel tail soup (with haricot beans, onions and herbs ... although there is, of course, a national shortage of onions.)

Perhaps you should listen to Gert and Daisy. They'll tell you how
to roast a 'murkey' for Christmas dinner, 1941. That's mutton masquerading as a turkey. Do have another mince pie ... they're made from parsnips.

Above all ...

I made a flying visit this afternoon to this exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. Plan A was to see Van Gogh at the Royal Academy; I did go once before, on a day when it wasn't too crowded, but I wilted today when I saw the long queues. (I wouldn't have been much good as a wartime housewife, would I?)

Fortunately, there was only a 10 minute queue for the Blitz Experience.

It's always good to have a Plan B.


Lucille said...

I was given a squirrel canapé once at Hugh F-W's place. Nothing to rave about. Oh dear. A ten minute queue for the Blitz, I was thinking of going to that but now feel too tired.

mary said...

That sounds interesting, Lucille - garnished with nuts? I once saw baby hedgehogs for sale in a Tunisian market but when I asked for a recipe, the stallholder looked at me aghast and said they were for catching insects in the garden!
Don't worry, there was no queue for the Ministry of Food exhibition and hardly any one there; it's quite a small exhibition, not tiring at all. (I only had to queue for the 'experience' of being bombed in a shelter. And we'll let you off that!)