Thursday, 29 April 2010

I could take the pretty way to the supermarket, along the river, past a field full of cows, picking an armful of lacy cow parsley and buttercups.
Only, the person shopping in Waitrose with an enormous bunch of cow parsley does look slightly batty.
Doesn't she?
I could do the shopping first.
But a person picking buttercups whilst hauling three bags of groceries might startle the cows.
So what would you have done?
When I got home, I thought that my cow parsley looked every bit as elegant as anything from an expensive florist.
And that one of the good things about living in London is that buttercup meadows can still be so convenient for the shops.


kristina said...

The path by the Petersham Meadows? Only spot I can think of nearby with cows! K x

mary said...

Right first time, Kristina ... can't do Waitrose on a sunny day without tulips and cake first at Petersham Nurseries!