Monday, 30 April 2012

What a cliffhanger ... how am I going to wait a week to find out what happens next?
And what will I do with my Sunday evenings after the finale next weekend?
And why aren't British television series ever as good as this?
I'd have traded ten more series of Downton Abbey for another half-hour last night.
But do you really believe that Sergeant Brody would do that or will there be a twist at the end?


Sue said...

Regretting not watching this now, I'm a big fan of Damien Lewis too.

bookssnob said...

I was on the edge of the sofa last night!!!!

His daughter is going to foil the plans, I just know it. That vest could not have been more inappropriately and carelessly hidden.

I am very suspicious of Estes. And also of that random bloke who was supposed to be Carrie's partner but who has been rarely featured since - he's a mole if ever I saw one!

mary said...

I'm sure there'll be a boxed set, Sue!

mary said...

I'd forgotten about him, Rachel!
But I still can't really believe that the kid being blown up would have been enough to turn Brody into a suicide bomber. He has to be a double agent. Or something.