Sunday, 29 April 2012

What with the Olympics (I'd better warn you, this blog will be an Olympic-free zone) and the Jubilee (although it seems hardly any time at all since the last one), I suppose the V&A had to do an exhibition of British Design. But I did feel that I'd seen it all before - and very recently, too, given last year's Festival of Britain celebrations.
Still, it got me out of the rain after a very damp walk in Kensington Gardens.
The only thing that stopped me in my tracks was the very beautiful maquette for John Piper's window at Coventry Cathedral.
I've never been there, but I can't imagine that you'd get close enough to see the lovely, subtle detail in the glass.
Then it was the Skylon, and the Mini, and the mini ... heigh-ho, and the Dyson. It was all just a bit familiar. But I suppose it would be.


Sue said...

I have been there (at last I've been somewhere Mary hasn't!) and I can't remember how close you could get, but I do remember being impressed by it. Then there's the Epstein statue, the Sutherland tapestry, the Bridgeman sculpture etc. Fantastic place. The ruins of the old cathedral are very beautiful too. I once saw a wonderful miracle play performed in the old cathedral.

mary said...

I'd love to see it, Sue. Maybe I'll get there one day. (And I'm sure you've been to lots of places I haven't!)