Friday, 24 August 2012

It feels like autumn ...

I have blackberries and Bramley apples in the kitchen, ready for the first crumble of the season.

I'm engrossed in TV costume drama. Classier by far than Downton Abbey!

And I'm getting deeper and deeper into an 800-page Russian epic. (Loving the grand scale of it after a bit too much Virginia Woolf.)

I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner which will be delivered to my door by a Czech chef who lives less than a mile away,

Drinking teas that taste of autumn fires

And feeling thoroughly glad that the heatwave is over.


Sue said...

Heatwave? What heatwave? How can you be engrossed in Parade's End before it has started? Or have I missed the beginning? I must say I'm looking forward to it; I only managed half an episode of Downton.

Mary, are you on Library Thing? I've spent all day - All Day - on it and am fired with enthusiasm for allt he books I haven't read.

mary said...

You've not missed it, Sue; I was watching previews and I'm a bit cross with myself now I'll have nothing to watch at weekends!
I have resisted Library Thing. Too many things I'm addicted to already. Somtimes think longingly of days when there was nothing else to do after I'd finished the crossword but get down to some work!

Magic Bean said...

Mmm. Autumn really is in the air. Love this time of year but I am feeling a bit sad that the summer has cheated me.
Looking forward to making loads of bramble jelly. And getting the fires going. And woolly jumpers. And stews. And thick socks. And crunchy leaves...

Sue said...

You are absolutely right about internet things to be addicted to -Pinterest is the worst, but I'm really keen to start reading something other than cookbooks again. Just finished In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden which I loved, and now I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice -the beautiful Penguin clothbound edition which makes it even more of a treat.

mary said...

I loved the film of House of Brede, Sue, but I don't think I've read the book.
Magic Bean, I know what you mean, I always feel a bit cheated by summer. It's either not performing to plan - or it's too hot - and then it's over. I far prefer autumn.

Sue said...

The book is so much better than the film -much richer, many more characters and incidents.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Reading your post almost made me want to go home!
I have the Russian book, I loved the fabulous production on the radio earlier this year, but so far have not started it!
Parade's End sounds splendid, I've only read the Good Soldier, so I'm looking forward to watching it when we get back.
I did make 21 jars of blackberry & apple jam, but as we can't get bramleys here, crumble will have to wait until next week too.

mary said...

Don't come home, Jude; there has been thunder, lightning and rain for most of today.
Love the thought of 21 jars of jam, not that I have cupboard space to store them. My blackberry jam for breakfast came from the farmers' market.