Friday, 3 August 2012

This week I've been catching up ...

And, whew.... tonight I made it to the end of an eight hour marathon of gripping BBC Shakespeare. It has taken me a while, in fact I could well be the last one to get to the finishing line, but some nights it's not what you feel up to when you get home from work.

I've also been catching up with a very quirky book that kept me engrossed yesterday evening as a change from the highbrow stuff.

And I took a break in the middle of Henry V to make Sue's wonderful elderflower drizzle cake, which turned out perfectly - and has restored my confidence after a couple of gluey, banana cake disasters. Thanks, Sue.

I didn't blog about it at the time because it was a busy week, but I also caught up - at a theatre I'd never even heard of before - with a very good stage adaptation of a gut-wrenchingly, powerful book. The Lost Theatre is aptly-named and there were only 12 people in the audience which was a shame.

I haven't caught up with Mrs Dalloway because I've been too hot/too tired/too busy, so maybe I should set her aside. Back-to-back Virginia Woolf is proving too much for bedtime reading.


Sue said...

So glad the cake turned out well Mary. I think next time I would add lemon juice to the syrup to sharpen it up a bit. We still have Henry V to watch but I'm afraid he will have to wait until after the Olympics -can't tear myself away from it I'm afraid.

Lucille said...

I wonder if you caught Jane Brocket's take on VW?

I'm going to have another go at To the Lighthouse.

Noelle the dreamer said...

The Elderflower cake brought back many memories to Ex-RAF hubby! Thanks for the link and by the by, looking at Hamlet tonight...
Thinking of you,

mary said...

I think I preferred Richard and the Henry IVs, Sue. I've no problem with 8 hours of Shakespeare but have a 2 minute attention span for Olympics, dipped in this afternoon for first time but didn't last long.

To the Lighthouse is still my favourite, Lucille.

I'll be making that cake again, Noelle. I didn't think it needed lemon juice, Sue - and I even left out the lemon zest, as I didn't have one. But I used Waitrose cheap elderflower cordial which is a bit lemony, anyway.

A Trifle Rushed said...

We watched HIV 2 here but it took ages as our line is very, very, very slow, so hoping we can catch HV when we get back, though it seems to no longer be on the iPlayer, however, I am sure it will be repeated (along with Wallender, please BBC).
We have watched no Olympics and I can only get cricket on the Radio, so we are behind times, but when I do catch up it sounds so fab. We were sad to miss the bikes in Richmond Park, and the time trial which went past my daughter's school.
Elderflower drizzle cake does sound lovely, I made some drizzly elderflower cupcakes with elderflower butter icing which were fab, but not an original recipe, it came from your supplier of elderflower cordial!
Yeah, love To the Lighthouse, takes me back to University.
Have a lovely week, Jude x

mary said...

Jude, it all disappeared off iPlayer ever so quickly; you'd think they'd keep it up longer, as you have to be in the right frame of mind and have time to enjoy it.