Sunday, 16 May 2010

It would be lovely to sit down to pancakes for Sunday breakfast. If somebody else made them.
But when you make your own pancakes, you always end up eating them standing up.
And it is a little-known fact that solitary pancakes are higher in calories. Because the first two are always a disaster. But you eat them anyway.
And then you have to make at least one perfect one (when you've gone to all that trouble).
And after that ... well, you might as well finish what's left of the batter and make just one more.
And look at all the washing-up you've created ... frying pan and wooden spoon, drizzles of syrup all over the table, and the coffee you spilled when you were flipping.
Doesn't sound like those aspirational lifestyle blogs, does it?
Just as well I don't take pictures.


Hannah Stoneham said...

Even though you don't take pictures, I so know the sight of what you describe. I have been there myself, and so has my kitchen.

Lovely post - thanks for sharing


mary said...

Good thing that I don't get the urge every weekend, Hannah!