Tuesday, 18 May 2010

There should have been a warning on the book-jacket.
Beware: this book may damage your income and your professional reputation.
Because it is very, very difficult, if you are supposed to be working from home, not to indulge in one more stolen half-hour engrossed in Wolf Hall. Just one more chapter, and one more cup of tea ...
I thought it would take me weeks to read this book which is thick as a brick.
But I'd finish it in a couple of days (if only I didn't have to earn a living).
Which is why Wolf Hall is now hidden under a pile of cushions. In the forlorn hope that I might forget that it's there.
It's a tactic that I've tried before. Usually, with chocolate.
Doesn't work. Does it?


Darlene said...

Isn't it amazing the way we can scrounge time for things when we really, really want to.

My friends envy my ability to have a 'chocolate cupboard'. I stock it for when I feel the need for a little square of something lovely and dark.

mary said...

I've no self-control, Darlene ... not with books, not with chocolate!