Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I picked marigolds and dog daisies along the beach
And red roses, valerian and elderflowers from the garden.
I filled another vase with Spanish broom
Which has a slightly medicinal scent.
I made buttermilk scones with strawberries and clotted cream
And they turned out just right,
Though not quite as good as my mum's.
But they never are.
I watched a splendid sunset
While drinking Portuguese wine
With new friends who own the very posh beach-hut.
And I discovered that a very famous ice-cream family
Have set up an ice-cream cart only five-minutes from my front door.
So all in all
It was a very good weekend.


Sue said...

Sounds bloody perfect Mary.

mary said...

I could tell you about the overgrown garden, if it all sounds too good, Sue!

kristina said...

Oh it all sounds wonderful. And must know where this ice cream cart is--have wanted to try Morelli's for ages!

K x

mary said...

I think Morelli's have a concession in Harrod's, Kristina - though I'm sure it tastes better at the seaside!