Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The local museum (no longer free, sadly, thanks to cutbacks, unless you're a resident) has organised a nettle trail ...
Into the wine shop (for nettle beer)
And the cheese shop (for Yarg cheese),
Around the allotments
And into the cafe (for nettle soup),
The health food shop (for a tonic),
Even into the wool shop (for nettle-dyed yarn, but surely not nettle knickers?).
I'm now wondering whether to expect people tramping through the bottom of my garden? You might call it laziness ... but I call it bio-diversity. Do you think I could start selling teas?


Mystica said...

I thought nettles stung!

mary said...

They do, Mystica! Pick with gloves on - but you can eat the young shoots. I've never tried them though I have had Yarg cheese.

Anonymous said...

I had a delicious asparagus and nettle risotto at Bradleys (NW3) a couple of sundays ago.


mary said...

That sounds delicious. I wonder who harvests all these fashionable nettles, though?