Saturday, 21 May 2011

'Really only someone with that superior intellectual honesty could have given a record like that. I could equate it in musical terms with Ted Hughes's Birthday Letters.'
Bob Geldof, on Dylan's Blood on the Tracks.

I've listened through five hours of Dylan on the radio last night and tonight. And there's more to come next week.
It doesn't seem right that he's 70.
He was the soundtrack to every broken heart I've ever had.
When I revisited my old college bar a few years ago, I was profoundly shocked to discover that Lay Lady Lay was no longer on the jukebox.
I wonder if I should apologise to my much younger neighbours?
It's hard not to sing along when you know all the words.


Mystica said...

Don't apologize!

mary said...

You've not heard me sing, Mystica!

Mac n' Janet said...

70, is that possible? I've been playing his music lately too.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, my daughter is now as big a Dylan fan as I am but she claims she was put off him for years by the way I sang his songs when she was little. Now I can sing them as much as I like with no one to hear.

mary said...

Janet, I don't know how it's possible, it shouldn't be allowed.
Callmemadam, I don't sing along so much as growl along.

elizabethm said...

No Lay Lady Lay? How do they seduce each other? I know all the words too and it seems quite ludicrous that he should be 70.