Saturday, 29 March 2014

Interior, The White House, Joan Warburton, 1993

Early Summer Flowers in White Room, Joan Warburton, 1995

I've been gadding about farther afield lately and it was time for a day out in London. So yesterday morning, I headed to Cork Street to investigate a neglected woman artist I'd only discovered through this week's Persephone posts ... and was instantly smitten. (Exhibition closes today. Sorry.)
Why was Joan Warburton neglected? Was it because she was female/shy/tied down with children/not pushy enough to promote her career ... I don't know. I wish I was feeling flush enough at the moment to buy one because they are very affordable. Joan Warburton was part of the artistic set surrounding Cedric Morris at Benton End, so this would be the next best thing to owning Cedric's Irises.  Joan's bowl of eggs, too, reminded me ever so much of Cedric's which was on the cover of Elizabeth David's Omelette and a Glass of Wine. In fact, Benton End sounds a lovely place to be invited for a weekend of food, flowers and music - with guests like Elizabeth David, Beth Chatto and Benjamin Britten.

Bowl of Eggs, Joan Warburton, 1986

I was supposed to be meeting a friend so quick march ... but around the corner, I got distracted by this lovely FCB Cadell in a gallery window and then discovered another favourite artist inside.

Reflections, FCB Cadell, c 1915

I've done the sums. (That's half the fun of window-shopping on Bond Street.) You can buy 700 Joan Warburtons for the price of one Atkinson Grimshaw. 

Next a blast of saturated colour from Dale Chihuly's wonderful glass which reminds me of exquisite jellyfish and sea anemones. There were lots of people here. Remember that stunning exhibition at Kew a few years ago? More about him here. 

Now it really is quick march to Marylebone High Street and Daunt Books for a lunchtime talk about this book - and the chance to sample Bloomsbury Group Armistice Chocolate Creams and Banana Fruit Loaf. I've got the book out from the library. 

But the afternoon is still young. So onto the tube and on to the Fashion Museum. I don't wear scarves - but isn't this lovely? 
Scarf by French-Hungarian artist Marcel Vertes

And whoever knew that Picasso designed après-ski wear? The corduroy hostess culottes were possibly not his finest hour. He drew the line at designing upholstery fabrics, though: Picassos may not be sat on.

Princess cotton, Ben Nicholson

Fine and dandy if you're currently Ben Nicholson's 'Princess' - he worked the head of his lover Barbara Hepworth into this furnishing fabric. But I did wonder whether his wife Winifred ever had to encounter her on other people's sofas and curtains? Aren't artists ruthless?


Mac n' Janet said...

I love the egg painting and having just read the Omelette and a Glass of Wine Book/Cookblook I'd love to own that painting.

mary said...

Lovely book, isn't it? But I'm going to have to fight you for the painting!

elaine said...

I have a couple of books about Benton End - it all sounded terribly bohemian and wonderful.
Love all the paintings you featured - so simple yet evocative.

mary said...

It does make you wish you were there, Elaine.