Saturday 1 March 2014

There was a time - in the not so distant past - when I rarely watched television. I'm not saying I was doing constructive, cultural things instead, but I definitely read more ...
And then there was Scandi-TV.
I think it started with The Killing. Then there was Borgen and The Bridge and series 2 and series 3 and post-mortems with fellow addicts in the coffee shop about Saga's autistic blunders and Birgitte's realpolitik. And I began to think that I was watching far too much television and really ought to cut down.
Except that Salamander was very gripping, even though it was Belgian and half in Flemish and half in French, which is almost educational when you think about it.
But I promised myself that when Salamander was over, I was going cold turkey.
Only now I've started on Mammon. Norwegian.
The first episode got me hooked. Again.
And I suppose it will tide me over until Salamander series 2.


Anonymous said...

To add to it all,yesterday I borrowed from the library, DVD's of Donna Leon's Commisario Guido Brunetti, filmed in Venice (ravishing shots) dialogue in German and with English sub titles !! Lisa

Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

Popped over from Cait's blog and enjoyed very much, especially your Paris trip. Those series are very addictive I do agree.

mary said...

Don't get me started on another one, Lisa!

Nice to meet you, Procrastinator! Hope we'll see you back again.