Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Is lunch at the garden centre a peculiarly British habit or do other nations do it, too? (Now I think of it, I've had some lovely outings to garden centres in Sweden.)
It was bustling with ladies here, even on a Monday ... and after a big bowl of pea and ham soup in the glasshouse, and a stroll through the fruit trees and (expensive) box topiary, followed by a browse through the seed packets, admiring aspirational Italian vegetables ...
We'd caught up on all the gossip - and so what if we can hardly keep a pot plant alive between us.
In another life, we will have £1000 box trees, lavender hedges and espaliered fruit trees.
And someone else to do the gardening.


A Trifle Rushed said...

I love lunch at the garden centre, if you mean Petersham or similar! I've just bought a copper covered kitchen table, inspired by a recent visit there!

mary said...

That sounds wonderful, Jude - though I wouldn't like having to polish it!
It's months since I've been to Petersham, well overdue for a visit and cake!