Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Now I know that a new decluttering guru is as seductive as a new diet. You always start out by thinking this time it really will work.
This book has pinged into my consciousness over the past few weeks. First of all, a friend mentioned that it was on her Kindle.
And then Lucille mentioned it too. I am deeply shocked. Lucille is the acknowledged expert on what is Useful or Beautiful. Her blog exudes calm and peace. I refuse to believe that Lucille has piles of stuff that require Japanese clutter-therapy.
When you organise your life according to this incredibly easy method, you will, of course, naturally, without a doubt, money-back guarantee, feel more confident, become more successful, lose weight and be transformed into the person etc etc
The book is due back to the library on December 24th. (Couldn't buy it without adding to the clutter, could I?)
Watch this space.
When I've cleared a space, that is.

I have just got to the bit where the author claims to have culled her books down to 30 volumes. I can't imagine living in a house with only 30 books. And I wouldn't like it.


kristina said...

I've been really intrigued by this book too! I couldn't get it from our library so have made do with reading excerpts online. What I have read proved really useful this weekend when I had a good tidy in the bedroom. But I definitely couldn't live with only 30 books! x

mary said...

There's a waiting list at the library, Kristina. Everybody's at it! I can see the appeal of the one fell swoop approach. Tried Flylady's 15mins a day but I'd be 90 before I saw results!

Gina said...

I read this and it did inspire me but I also baulked at the idea of getting rid of books. But applying the idea of only keeping what you really love means I can keep most of my books because I really do love them. I did like the idea of throwing out excess paper though.

Lucille said...

You don't have to get rid of any books at all if they all 'spark joy' but you do have to get them off the shelf and handle them (but don't start reading them). She even tells you to get rid of her book when you've finished with it. I kicked against some of what I perceived her advice to be, and you do have to allow for quirks of translation - tidying has much subtler meanings in Japanese - but realised that it was in fact working wonders for me once I stopped arguing with her. Contrary to the version of my home life you see on the blog I am as guilty as anyone of acquisition and sentimental hoarding. I just have quite tidy and capacious cupboards!

mary said...

I've been taking a bag full of books up to Oxfam every time I go to the shops, Gina - but it still isn't making much impact as everything was double- or triple-parked on the shelves to start with.

I'd be fine if I only I had cupboards, Lucille! I think any system works if only you persevere and don't give up. But I think you should do a blog post on the subtle meanings of tidying in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

There are thirty volumes on my bedside table.S/o suggested that one of my friends get some storage for her pile of decluttering books

Anonymous said...

but I have to say I love decluttering books. they make you feel like you're getting things done while you'r reading them in bed with a cup of tea.
two of my all time favourites are Sally ?Morgenstern Organising from the inside out and Bonnie Mcculloch's About Time.

and if I were more organised I could find my password for this comment and wouldn't have to be anonymous signed Sandy Arbuthnot

Lucille said...

I think that large cupboards and storage solutions become part of the problem, not the solution. She has firm words to say about storage 'solutions' and in my case out of sight is definitely not out of mind.

mary said...

I could live with out of sight, Lucille!

Easily 30 in/under/around my bed, too, Sandy. In fact, quite astonishing there's any room for me. But all that is going to change! I shall have to keep at it now I've gone public!

Sue said...

If anything I declutter too much and end up buying back books I threw out.

mary said...

Apparently, Sue, when you consider house prices per sq ft, decluttering is cheaper than storing stuff. Which must certainly be true of London.
I've even thrown out some cookery books!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I would feel bereft if I de-cluttered ,I expect .Occasionally a daughter will say mildly ,
"Good Lord , have you still got that ....? "