Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Turner on Varnishing Day, William Parrott

Timothy Spall gives a terrific performance as Mr Turner and it all looks simply wonderful, as you'd expect, but, oh dear, what a very long film - I could have done with 30 minutes less - and I'm afraid I nodded off for a few minutes during dinner with the Ruskins.
Can't remember the last time, though, that I went to the cinema and it was completely sold out.


Gina said...

I couldn't quite decide whether I liked the film or not. Brilliant performance from Timothy Spall and it kept me entertained but Turner was such an obnoxious character it did rather put me off.

Toffeeapple said...

Gina and I feel the same about this film, excellent acting though.

mary said...

He was great, wasn't he? But I'm not sure it works as a film ... a bit plodding? It didn't tell me anything about Turner that I didn't know already, which is probably why I was flagging.