Sunday 30 January 2022

January seems to have slipped by - I was going to say in a slump of lethargy and getting hooked on Wordle - but actually I've been busy at work, and not much time to get out and about. But a sunny weekend and a walk along the river yesterday proved energising - and when I got home, I set myself to booking tickets. First off was a matinée this afternoon - an unnervingly good audience with Maggie Thatcher at Riverside Studios. Not a very useful recommendation as this was the last performance and the actor is off on tour to Spain and the Netherlands - but he promises to be back (to the Edinburgh Festival) and also performs as Hitler/Churchill/Dickens/Einstein/Hitchcock/Francis Bacon - he must have a phenomenal memory, not only for his lines but for whole biographies as the audience can catch him on the hop and ask him anything. Anyway, now we've discovered him, we'll be looking out for him again.
And talking of Francis Bacon, the Royal Academy exhibition is simply riveting and so powerful. I came out feeling energised, as if the sap were rising ...
The herringbone overcoat is just because I liked it - but I was enthralled by the potency of his bullfighting pictures, especially as the gallery cleared and for a few minutes I was there all alone. Now I fully understand that Bacon isn't everyone's cup of tea. Regrettably, though, there is a 'trigger warning'at the entrance to the exhibition (after they've taken your £20, though!) cautioning visitors to beware of potentially disturbing content ... heavens, art that elicits an emotional response, how very shocking! I do sometimes feel the need of a trigger warning for infantilising twaddle!

Monday 3 January 2022

Christmas baking ... I'd have slaughtered anyone who was cheeky enough to eat one!